Late on the bandwagon

23 03 2007

Since I’m of the habit of making notes for myself, perhaps as an subconscious realisation that I’m going increasingly bonkers, I might as well tell myself that I’m thinking about starting blogging. As if the blogosphere isn’t already starting to get overcrowded enough by all the fascinating not to forget continuous accounts of Wonderful Recipes You Must Try, the million-and-one attempts of people masking crypto-exhibitionist diaries as insightful commentaries, or talentless but passionate and heartfelt poetry bringing illumination to the intellectually and high-culturally impoverished ‘net.

Now, the official reason for this blog is something along the lines of open ruminations about most everything related to technology of computer games and their intersection with philosophical and human aspects. It will initially be quite sparse since I haven’t yet managed to properly enthuse myself about the entire endeavour but since there are rumours about people managing stunts like dividing oceans in twain and, in the case or Richard III, controlling the weather by means of mental forces, I perhaps might eventually and intermittently accumulate the energy to write down a musing or two.